Fun Ideas for Decorating Using Toys

If you have been seeking a fun way to decorate your home, you need not look any further than those toys you have stashed away in the toy box or closet.  You can add a fun and lively look to the home by decorating with toys and games.   Depending on which type of toy or game that you use, you can lend a playful, cheery, trendy, or retro feel to your decorative theme.  Let’s look at some fun ideas for decorating using toys.

Game Boards

Many fun decorating ideas can be achieved using game board for unique wall art. Select a board game that fits that theme of the room, like Life or Monopoly for the home office or Candyland for your game room or kitchen; or decorate a game room by using game boards as an unexpected door topper.  Choose board games that have a sturdy board. You will find that the older versions of board games are made from heavier chipboards, cardboard, or wood, and this makes them especially good for hanging on the wall.  Another option is to frame the board to bring a particularly decorative touch to the room.  If you do not have game boards lying around, you can often find them very inexpensively at second-hand stores, flea markets, and garage sales, although some may not have their individual pieces with them.  If you want to simply use the board on your wall, it is not a problem to have missing pieces.  You can, however, choose to use the game pieces as decor too. For illustration, you might hang a chess board on your wall and use the game pieces on a shelf nearby as small sculptures.  Displaying a chess board set up on a shelf or table is also a fun element.

Dolls and Plush

Using plush animals and dolls to add whimsy and charm to your room is also a good way to decorate with toys.  Decorating with older dolls or stuffed animals that you have kept since childhood is a great way to enjoy these special items again.  It is also fun to decorate a particular room with your child’s favorite plush and stuffed toys, particularly if the child is grown now.  This is a great way to bring a sense of nostalgia to the room while affording you the opportunity to walk down memory lane.  Be sure to display vintage dolls or fragile items on higher shelves or in glass cabinets in order to preserve them and protect them from damage.

Trucks and Other Vehicles

Vehicle toys like cars, trucks, tractors, and more, can bring a fun and exciting look to a room.  This is also a great way to get the toys out of the closet where you can enjoy the toys once more.  In the country or rustic kitchen, a toy tractor can be a welcome element, and it can look great when displayed in the family room on a rustic mantle.  Display a collection of tiny cars, like Hot Wheels, for example, in a collector cabinet or a small shelving unit in the family room or media room.

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