Teen Girl Bedroom Decor: Fun Color Themes

Teen girls are usually oh so ready to makeover their rooms with style and sophistication. Most are ready to leave pastel colors behind and all are more than happy to ditch the themed bedrooms of their childhoods. Many teen girls prefer hot bold colors, and while painting a wall in neon pink may be a parent’s idea of a decorative faux pas, the good news is that there are ways to compromise and create a look that your teen will love without offending parents. Unlike teen boys, teen girls are often excited and eager to help with their bedroom makeover and it’s always a good idea to get her ideas on color choices and decor preferences.

Here are some ideas to get both of you inspired.

The Ever-Popular Pink and Purple

It’s hard to determine which color is more popular with teen girls – pink or purple; in most cases at least one of these colors will be in the mix for the new bedroom color scheme. It’s also likely that parents will find their teen girl gravitating to a really dark shade of either color and that’s ok because hot pink and deep purple are very appealing against white walls. That’s right – white walls. Go this route and deep pink and purple accents will just pop. You can find tons of accessories in these colors – from retro 60’s style ‘flower child’ bedspreads, to lamps, wall art and wall decals, flower wall sculptures, pillows and bedding accessories. It’s also easy and inexpensive to pick up second hand furniture and paint it in her chosen shade of pink or purple; bedside tables, desks, bookcases, wall shelves, mirrors and trunks can be treated this way for a really fun and colorful look. Combine the colors in youthful fabric patterns like polka dots, wavy stripes or mod flowers.

Fresh and Juicy Color Motifs

Teen girls also like trendy color combos like white and lime green, hot pink and bold orange, or lemon yellow and bright green; very often, they’ll see these contemporary palettes used in home decor magazines and be itching to copy the look. Combinations like tangerine, melon and sage green are all the rage and it’s easy to find bedding and other accessories in these colors; finding a trendy pattern that incorporates her chosen colors almost does the decorating for you. This is because these hot trendy color combos are very easy to combine with white or black. For example, use mimosa yellow walls with white trim and black furniture; toss in black and white toile fabric and black French inspired accents and you have a room that’s instantly ooh-la-la. Other popular combinations include lime green/hot pink/white or pink/tangerine/white or sophisticated apple green and black.

Stark is Hot

Teen girls are all about drama and what is more dramatic than the stark contrast of black and white? This combination is instantly stylish and sophisticated while being very easy to pull off. Simply combine white walls with glossy black furniture, and bedding and fabrics in black and white polka dots or the eternally popular zebra stripe. Bring in a touch of hot pink or electric yellow for a trendy look your teen will adore.

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