Classic Guest Room Designs

Designing a comfortable and classic guest room should be a priority if you sometimes have overnight guests staying over. When you design a guest room, try looking at things from your guests’ perspective. Does the room have everything you would need in order to be comfortable, and does it seem cheerful and welcoming? If you feel that your guest room could benefit from design makeover, here are some decorating tips that can help.

A Fresh Start

In some cases, your guest room might serve other purposes in between overnight guests. If this is the case, it’s important to thoroughly de-clutter the room. Although you might use the room between visits as a hobby or craft room, you should do everything possible to make it look as though the room is dedicated to guests. For example, you can use a cabinet or hobby armoire to hide sewing or craft materials. To give the room a fresh new look, paint the walls in an off-white, neutral or pastel shade. You’ll also want to polish the floor or clean the carpet once the room has been painted. Once you’ve accomplished these basic tasks, you can focus on designing and decorating your guest room.

Furniture Choices for the Guest Room

If you think you’ll have to spend a lot of money on furniture for the guest room, think again. You can frequently find classically beautiful and sturdy furniture pieces at second-hand shops, garage sales, or flea markets. You can paint mismatched pieces the same color to help visually unify them. Start with the basics, which should be a queen sized bed, bedside tables, and a chest of drawers, armoire or dresser. Then, if there’s enough room left over, try adding a table and chair, small desk, comfortable loveseat or chair

Lighting the Guest Room

Your guests will appreciate the fact that you took the time and effort to consider proper room lighting. Curtains combined with blinds or shades can be a great window treatment, providing your guests with the ability to block outside light if desired. Although your guest room might already have an overhead light, you should still add a floor lamp or a table lamp. A reading lamp placed on the bedside table or beside the loveseat, reading chair or desk can also be quite useful. By providing your guests with multiple lighting options, they will have the freedom to choose the style and quantity of light they prefer.

Focus on the Bed

The bed is usually considered to be the guest room “centerpiece,” and rightfully so. You should always try to purchase a good box spring and mattress set, since these items can be very important to your guests’ comfort while they sleep. You can also enhance the comfort of the bed by including luxurious bed linens. The bed should have a minimum of three pillows, along with spare bed linens and blankets. Place a lamp on the bedside table, along with an alarm clock and a stack of good books, and then add the final finishing touch with simple Southwestern wall sculptures or the wall decor of your choice.

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