One Thorough Closet Cleaning means being Organized Forever

Most people cannot stand cleaning out their closets, and it is no wonder. There are things in the back of the closet that they have not seen for years, and wading through the items takes forever. However, by cleaning closets and organizing what is put back in the closet, never again will a homeowner be faced with the unpleasant task of rummaging through a messy closet or having to clean it out.

Check Out the Space

A closet that is not organized is a messy closet, so organizing is the logical place to start. Most closets are a simple box with a clothes rod and a shelf. If a homeowner is trying to get maximum usage from their closet, this storage design wastes a lot of space. Altering this configuration even a little can make it work much more efficiently.  Sometimes a simple alteration like removing the top shelf and adding another clothes rod is enough to lend order to the previously chaotic closet interior. This one simple change effectively doubles the closet’s storage capacity. When the inside of a closet is organized, items to not get shoved to the back and forgotten and it is less likely that the closet will once again become a bulging mess.

Closet organization goes beyond bedroom closets. For example, simple additions like adding shelves in the kitchen pantry that are tall enough for a can may even triple the amount of storage space in a pantry. Look at the best way to use a closet or pantry space, and then configure it accordingly.

Edit, Edit, Edit

Configuring the closet properly, however, is not the whole equation to keeping a closet neat. Once the closet is organized, make sure to edit belongings. Going through belongings and only placing things that are currently used in a closet is a good formula to use. Anything that is not being used can be stored in an attic, donated to charity or thrown away. Doing a thorough editing job makes the contents of the closet easy to access and easy to continually edit. So before mindlessly stuffing new items into a closet, notice what they are intended to replace, and get rid of the old item. Never again will the closet have to be cleaned.

Find an Organization System that Fits

If making a minor alteration to the closet’s interior design does not use the space as efficiently as possible, then it may be a good idea to add a storage organization system. Closet organization systems are available in many different sizes and styles, and most of them are modular, so that they can be tailored to a homeowner’s needs. Installing additional shelves, drawers and cubbyholes along with custom hooks, rods and pegs can make it quite effortless to keep a closet neat and functional, never to be cluttered again.

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